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Deputy Sheriff
Decatur County Sheriff’s Office

The Decatur County Sheriff's Office is seeking highly qualified candidates for the position of Deputy Sheriff. Decatur County lies in the heart of southeastern Indiana. Decatur County is a mostly rural farming community, dotted with historical landmarks, among a few major manufacturing plants. Decatur County offers a small-town lifestyle with excellent schools and affordable housing, and Interstate 74 provides ready access to Indianapolis and Cincinnati within about one hour. For additional information about Decatur County and Greensburg, the county seat, please visit https://visitgreensburg.com/.

The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office is considered a small law enforcement agency, consisting of about 45 total employees. The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for patrolling roughly 370 square miles of mostly rural county roads, operating a detention center, and protecting four county schools and the Decatur County Courthouse. Deputy Sheriffs represent the Sheriff and serve as ambassadors of the Decatur County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Sheriffs:

• Patrol county roads and state and interstate highways.
• Enforce state laws, including criminal and traffic laws.
• Investigate crimes and suspicious activities, specifically in rural areas.
• Serve court papers involving civil and criminal matters.
• Make arrests with and without warrants.
• Write incident and investigative reports, crash reports and probable cause affidavits.
• Interview victims, witnesses and suspects.
• Execute search warrants, collect and preserve evidence.
• Brief supervisors, the Sheriff, prosecutors and other government officials.
• Testify in legal proceedings, including criminal trials.
• Respond to emergencies, including but not limited to vehicle crashes.
• Assist citizens with resolving a range of problems, including but not limited to lost children, injured persons, civil disputes, vehicle inspections and disabled vehicles.
• Use force to lawfully protect him/herself and others, and to lawfully perform essential job duties, including arrests.
Essential Skills and Abilities

To ensure the Decatur County Sheriff's Office selects the most qualified candidates, applicants are encouraged to address the following skills and abilities in their resumes and other application materials. Though selected candidates will gain the below competencies through training and experience, candidates who currently possess these competencies will be more competitive in the application process.

• Knowledge of routine law enforcement procedures and methods, specifically patrol,
• Knowledge of criminal law and criminal procedures, including search and seizure, arrest, interviewing, evidence collection and preservation, crime scene protection, due process, and court procedures.
• Knowledge of emergency medical treatment procedures (e.g. CPR and first-aid), and the ability to use those procedures to prevent loss of life.
• Ability to stand and sit for long periods of time, sometimes in extreme weather conditions.
• Ability to operate a vehicle safely at high speeds, often during inclement weather.
• Ability to physically protect self and protect or restrain others.
• Ability to pursue suspects by running, climbing stairs, forcing entry, climbing walls and jumping fences.
• Ability to perform physically and mentally under stress and during dangerous situations.
• Ability to use firearms and non-lethal weapons proficiently and legally.
• Ability to report observations and actions accurately and professionally in writing.
• Knowledge of and compliance with agency and county policies and procedures.
• Ability to respond to emergencies while off-duty.

The first-year annual salary of a Decatur County Deputy Sheriff is $43,085 (not including overtime). Upon completion of the ILEA Basic Course (or sooner, if approved by the Sheriff), the Deputy Sheriff will be provided a take-home patrol vehicle, which he/she may use off-duty within Decatur County and the adjacent counties. Additionally, Deputy Sheriffs are eligible to enroll in the County’s health insurance and life insurance programs.
Applying for the position of Deputy Sheriff begins by submitting an application, including all required documentation. Application forms are posted on the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office website at http://decaturcountysheriff.com/. Applications and all required documentation must be hand-delivered or mailed to the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office at 315 S. Ireland Street, Greensburg, Indiana 47240. The application deadline is 4:00 p.m., Friday, February 1, 2019.
Eligibility Requirements

• Be a United States citizen.
• Be an Indiana resident upon date of employment.
• Reside within Decatur County or an adjacent county.
• Be at least 21 years old when appointed as a Deputy Sheriff.
• Have a high school diploma or the equivalent.
• Not have been convicted of a felony.
• Not have been convicted of a disqualifying misdemeanor (including but not limited to domestic violence/battery).
• Have a valid Indiana Operator License.
• Have a good work record with previous employers, specifically good attendance.
• Have a good credit history.
• Not have used illegal drugs within the past two years.
• Be in sound mental and physical health.
• Meet all requirements to be accepted by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) or be a graduate of an academy recognized by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.
• Be willing and able to work any shift, including 8-hour to 12-hour shifts.
• Be willing and able to complete regular in-service training and maintain position-specific certifications.
• Meet all requirements for employment as a Deputy Sheriff as prescribed by Indiana Law and the Decatur County Sheriff, including an extensive field training program.

Application Process
1. Applicant submits an application with the following attachments: copy of valid operator/driver license, copy of birth certificate, copy of high school diploma or GED, copy of any college transcripts, and a recent photo of head and shoulders (2" x 2" within past 30 days).
2. Selected applicants undergo preliminary background check.
3. Selected applicants are invited to a Physical Fitness Assessment. The assessment and standards are outlined below. Current law enforcement officers, who have completed the ILEA Basic Course, or received an ILEA waiver, are encouraged but not required to complete the Physical Fitness Assessment. The Physical Fitness Assessment consists of the following:
• 1.5-mile run
• Vertical jump
• Push-ups
• Sit-ups
• 300-meter run
4. Selected applicants complete a written exam and must pass to advance to the next step in the application process.
5. Selected applicants are interviewed by a panel of Decatur County Sheriff's Office deputies, supervisors and/or other law enforcement officials.
6. Selected applicants submit additional documents, if requested, for a comprehensive background investigation.
7. Selected applicants are assigned to a Merit Deputy Supervisor for an in-depth background check, including a home visit, meeting with significant other and/or family members, interview of current and former employers, and interview of neighbors.
8. Selected applicants are interviewed by the Merit Board.
9. The Sheriff and Merit Board create a list final list of eligible candidates.
10. The Sheriff appoints a "Merit Deputy Sheriff" from the final list of eligible candidates.
11. The Sheriff makes a conditional offer of employment to selected candidate(s).
12. Selected candidate(s) complete drug testing.
13. Selected candidate(s) complete physical examination.
14. Selected candidate's probationary period begins (one year from date of graduation from ILEA Basic Course, or one year from date of appointment, if a current law enforcement officer who has completed the ILEA Basic Course).
15. Selected candidate(s) completes the ILEA Basic Course, if applicable, passing all required exams and exercises.

On or about February 15, 2019, selected applicants will be invited to participate in a Physical Fitness Assessment. In 1999, the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) began using physical fitness assessment standards. All applicants will be expected to meet the ILEA entrance standards in order to proceed in the application process. The Decatur County Sheriff's Office strongly suggests applicants consult their physician, if they have any concerns about their health, medical conditions, physical capability or conditioning. Each applicant will be required to sign a medical release form before participating in the Physical Fitness Assessment.

To continue in the application process, applicants must meet the minimum requirements for the Decatur County Deputy Sheriff position. This includes required steps outlined in Indiana Code (IC) 36-8-10, specifically graduation from the ILEA Basic Course within the first year of employment.

The Decatur County Sheriff's Office is an equal opportunity employer. Accordingly, no applicant shall be discriminated against, or favored with respect to employment because of race, sex, religion, politics, national origin, or ancestry.

Throughout the application process, applicants will be contacted via email with updates and further instructions. Applicants may call the Sheriff’s Office at (812) 663-8125, if they have questions.